It was amazing!—Sunday, With – Healing Art Workshops hosting ‘Fire Cider Make and Take’ with Monica McCormick 6pm – 8pm

Food as your Medicine ~ Fire Cider Make & Take ~ only $15.00
Come join us in learning how to make this fabulous medicine.

Fire Cider is a kitchen medicine that has been passed down from generation to generation. Old folk healers and family herbalist have used this with great success in supporting and maintaining health. The ingredients are readily found in our kitchens and the grocery stores and it only costs a few dollars to make and you can use it not only as medicine but in drinks and cooking.

Fire Cider supports your immune, circulatory, digestive and sinus health with its warming/hot properties by getting the blood moving and with the antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral properties of the ingredients.

Join me Sunday the 16th at 6pm to make your own Fire Cider and learn the health benefits of the ingredients.

Here is the link to pay for the Class

fire cidar
Monica is a Spiritual Guide, Healer, Reiki Master/ Teacher, Herbalist  who utilizes her skills to connect her clients with their Inner Grace, Nature and Spirit setting them upon a path of healing, renewed life and purpose. With her long years of experience and strong connection to the Divine, she teaches people how to find inner balance and enter the doorway of spiritual guidance and natural being. Monica witnesses her clients blossoming into their own unique personality and can be found leading workshops, designing products, working with animal totems, the ancestors and the spirit realm to bring awareness and growth to her tribe and community.

Monica is the owner of Weaving Traditions of Healing llc Formerly known as Earth and Spirit Walk. She the organizer of Sacred Earth Walk and co-organizes 757 Body Mind Spirit.  Monica has worked with and learned from teachers such as Darlene “Stone Women” Stier, Grey Medicine Wolf, Clarice De Mota and others. She travels yearly to Connecticut to take part in The Unity Dance honoring and praying for healing, peace and dignity of humans and all within the hoop of life.

   “My walk while I am here is that of learning to be one with the earth and spirit. I give others the tools to find their own path and purpose as I strive to walk gently upon the earth and show gratitude for every moment. It is in the joys, the mundane and the sorrows of life’s  lessons that I find the tools and gems to walk my path on the Good Road with Grace and Gentleness. My path combines the the call of my ancestors to intertwine 3 paths into one. The call of my ancestors is strong no matter how far back it may be. This call is what lead me to Judaism, Native American and African spiritual beliefs.  My walk is eclectic but always honoring of my teachers and ancestors.”  – Monica McCormick


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