Betsy Rivers-Kennedy

Betsy Rivers-KennedyAs a calligrapher-artist, I many times use words, letter forms or text of some sort as a design element in my compositions.  I try to balance the meaning of the words or text with the images I create, each enhancing the other.  I love working with torn papers in collage, but also like to work with pastels, colored pencils, water color, acrylic or graphite.  The text is usually done with sumi ink or gouache.  As an artist, I am always pushing myself in new directions.


I love art supplies–paints, papers, inks, colored pencils, graphite, acrylics, paint brushes, pens…  I love to use these materials whenever possible and just get lost in the process, whether something turns out or not.  Unfortunately, there are deadlines to be met, so I can’t spend as much time doing what I’d like as I’d like.  But lately, I’m letting the paint or charcoal or whatever I am working with have its own way and just following along.  These paintings and the drawings I have been producing are just happening and it is delightful when one comes out and invites you into it as this one seems to do.

I have no idea where this place is, but I’d like to spend time there.