Thanks! Tamara Caulder Richardson, AKA “Southern Belle Medium” FRIDAY ~ November 9th ~ 7pm-9pm

Friday, Nov. 9, 2018, 7-9 PM

“Holidays from Heaven”

Presented by 6x Near-Death Experiencer and National Evidential Medium,

Tamara Caulder Richardson, AKA

“Southern Belle Medium”

Evidential Medium, Speaker, Teacher and Author of, “Love from Heaven”


When: Friday, November 9, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (doors open at 6:30 pm)
Where: Kennedy Gallery@ ONE11 ART – 111 Pennsylvania Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23504
Cost: $35 – Limited Seating! ONLY your advanced payment reserves your seat!

TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT IN ADVANCE please  CALL SUZANNE @  757-620-4766  OR email:
(Visa, MC or PayPal payments only.)

During the holidays we reflect upon the blessings we have received from the previous year and are thankful for the loved ones in our life. However, some of our family and friends are no longer are with us and have made that journey onto the other side. The holidays can also be a time of sadness from missing our loved ones that are not with us in this physical universe. Tamara Caulder Richardson, 6x near-death experiencer, and professional evidential psychic medium came back from the light (after being with Jesus) with an amazing gift to connect to loved ones in Heaven. Tamara is a mental, physical and trance medium, remote viewer, and channeler of Heaven.

Come witness, and possibly receive a message from your crossed-over loved ones, at this special event. Tamara will give proof of the afterlife and show that love bond is still there, and our loved ones see what we are doing here on earth and cares about our happiness. As Tamara always says, “We All Have a Fan Club in Heaven.”™

Come join us for this moving and celebratory event with spirit called, “Holidays from Heaven!”


TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT IN ADVANCE please  CALL SUZANNE @  757-620-4766  OR email:
(Visa, MC or PayPal payments only.)


There’s MORE…

Tamara Caulder Richardson, Bio:

Tamara was born blessed with many spiritual gifts. However, she feels her six near-death experiences and going to Heaven where she spent it with Jesus for three days while she was in a coma, enhanced her gifts of “knowing,” mediumship, psychic abilities, remote viewing, and channeling Jesus regularly, and the heavenly realm. Tamara is a physical and mental medium. To master her spiritual God-given gifts, she has trained with renowned celebrity mediums and authors: UK’s Tony Stockwell, Janet Nohavec, and John Holland, and was certified as an Advanced Psychic Medium by International TV Medium, Lisa Williams. Tamara is writing her first book, “Love from Heaven” that will be due out in the Spring. Tamara is an ordained Christian Minister and healer. She is also a spiritual teacher and is teaching mediumship at the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach, VA at the Psychic Conference, Nov. 9-11, 2018. Tamara’s unique, healing and evidential “Southern Belle” style of mediumship uses love and humor to open the heart.



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