Saturday, June 10 – Healing Art Workshops hosts Life Coach Brennyn Molloy 6pm-7:30pm

house of compassionate gratitude

Thank YOU!!!!—“I AM” Affirmations with Brennyn Molloy and The House of Compassionate Gratitude Inc.

Join Spiritual & Positive Life Coach Brennyn Molloy for the power of positive thinking and word choice. 
We can control our thoughts, actions & outlook by word choice & visualization
In this workshop we will discuss, review, and write I AM statements reviewing and reframing the defeating ones with positive empowering ones. We will go over ways to implement use of them at home and on the go.

Click here for Virginian Pilot online article on Brennyn Molloy.

During this workshop we will explore how to use the power of words to reframe & direct your world & future.
We will use the power of I AM statements as the center of our work, and learn skills to apply in daily life

The I AM affirmation activities we will cover can be translated to many mediums for easy reuse and practicality.

Each attendee will have the opportunity to work personally and reframe their most damaging and self defeating I am statement.
I am?
I am.
I am!!!
I am, That’s right you are! You are a co-creator of your reality. You are talking to your soul with each breath. Speak kindly.

We are limited to 15 attendees.
$25 person
All materials are provided
We also discuss the power of journaling.

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