Poof! it was magical!—Healing Art Workshops – The Alchemist Workshop

alchemy workshopSaturday May 20th 10AM-6PM

Healing Art Workshops is offering an Amazing full day Workshop- In finding your Inner Alchemy.
*Cost for the full Day is only $85.00
This Magical Workshop will be hosting Facilitators-Cindy Griffith Bennitt-Lila Luna Naniki- Maureen Nessen Fluke

About this Class-
Spiritual evolution is all about raising vibration. Working with Alchemy’s Seven Universal Laws allows you to consciously raise your rate of vibration. When you live at a higher rate of vibration you are connected with your higher guidance and higher self. As a bonus, when you control your own rate of vibration, you are less likely to be negatively affected by other people’s vibrations. 

With the knowledge gained in this class you will become the master of your own vibrational level during your daily life, in your healing practice, your business place, and within your community. You will be able to quickly shift your own vibration by using the techniques taught. 

These Seven Universal Laws of Alchemy illuminate how the Universe works and with this powerful knowledge, you become the formidable source of spiritual energy that your soul needs to make positive change in the world. Consciously evolving and maintaining a higher level of vibration is a powerful tool for those seeking to be light workers, spiritual healers, as well as those simply looking to grow spiritually.

*Since space is limited Please RSVP by May 12th- 
*We will only be excepting 12 participants for this Steller Full Day Workshop-
Cost for the day is $85.00- 
*Please RSVP by Sending your payment through *PayPal to-

Below is the Info on our facilitators-
Author and Universal Speaker Cindy Griffith Bennitt-Speaking on the 7 Laws of Hermetics.
Cindy Griffith is a Psychic, Metaphysics Teacher and Huffington Post Blogger. Author of Soul Soothers: Mini Meditations for Busy Lives, she is excited to help other spiritual practitioners with her latest book, Grow Your Spiritual Business. Cindy teaches On line, at the Edgar Cayce Center and Good Vibes Wellness in Virginia Beach and in Tokyo. Cindy’s recent Masters degree focused on the Mystic’s journey to spiritual maturity. Find more about Cindy, her articles, books, and Psychic readings at Http://

Lila Luna Naniki -Alchemy of Vibrational Tones and Sounds-
For as long as she can remember, Lila has been channeling sound, which has manifested into the gift of playing her beautiful singing bowls at psychic fairs, wellness centers, volunteer events, and yoga studios. Lila attended Chakra Frequencies and Healing Sounds Intensive training with Master of Sound Jonathan Goldman, Andi Goldman and other world known sound teachers. She learned to use self produced sounds for self-transformation and healing, as well as how to focalize group exercises with sound to assist with personal and planetary activations. Lila has attended profound and spiritually based schools: Cayce/Reilly school of massage (founded by Edgar Cayce, located on the Association for Research and Enlightenment campus), Himalayan Yoga Valley Centre in Goa, India, Atma Bodha Yoga School and Studio, and Mindful Yoga Therapy.

Maureen Nessen Fluke is the developer-owner & facilitator of Healing Art Workshops-Combining her back ground in Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Art- using all three in combination toward a solid foundational and mindful practice- Maureen critiques many of her workshops to the needs of the community. Maureen is a Neuro-Positive Licensed Life Coach-Harvard & Yale based curriculum and ICF Certified -International Coaching Federation- and a Certified Neurolinguistic Coach/Practioner- Soma Pi’ Energy facilitator, Ordained Minister -Order of Melchizedek, As well as a Oneness Blessing practioner and facilitator.


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