Crystal Healing Basics shared by Krystal Carlyss, Sunday January 27th, 2-4pm!

ENJOY hearing information shared on Crystal Healing Basics by Krystal Carlyss

When: Sunday January 27th, 2019, from 2-4pm  

Where: One11 Art Gallery, 111 Pennsylvania Avenue, Norfolk VA


Limited Seating, Your seat reserved by your advance Paypal payment only.


Our guest lecturer, Krystal Carlyss, has been a Certified Crystal Healer for the past 6 years. She not only uses crystals on the body but also around the body to balance chakras, clear auras and open blockages. Because of the unique properties of crystals, Krystal uses them in her sessions along with sound, meditation, and aromatherapy to amplify the healing process.

On Sunday, she will share exactly how crystals can promote healing, offer protection and bring prosperity for the New Year! You’ll come to understand the basics of crystal healing and how to easily incorporate crystals into everyday life. Also, there will be some hands-on exploration with crystals—so you’ll get to see and feel the different types of various crystals as we discuss their healing properties and metaphysical meanings.

Despite my name, it seems that crystals were always destined to be a part of my life. A set of precious stones and crystals that were passed down to my mother from my great grandmother was gifted to me as a young child. I remember being enamored by the turquoise, petrified wood and obsidian within the collection; however, I always felt a strong connection toward amethyst. Which was… and still is my favorite stone of the collection. I even did a report on the mineral properties of an amethyst quartz in the fourth grade. While growing up in Arizona, the charm of crystals never escaped me and I could always feel their pull so, I always kept them around me. Throughout the years, I found myself on many career paths, which ultimately led back to crystals when I began working in the holistic pet industry. Seeing positive results from alternative healing methods, sparked my interest in herbs and nutrition. In 2010 I began the pursuit to further my knowledge of natural healing with my journey starting at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) where I studied Western Herbalism. I would go on to continue my education at the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy where I learned a new energetic side to crystals and became certified in Crystal Energy Healing in 2013. My career in the holistic pet industry was greatly attributed to my knowledge because I was able to incorporate proper coaching in pet nutrition and crystal energy healings on pets and their owners.

However, in 2018 an opportunity arose for me to move from the desert to be near the ocean here in Virginia. Although, I have started a new chapter in my life I will always continue to guide people on their healing journey by sharing my knowledge of crystal and herbal healing alternatives.

Krystal’s other Classes to look forward to:

+What are chakras and how we can heal them. Each participant will receive a mini chakra healing kit.

+How to Create your own take-home pendulum and chart and learn how and when to use your pendulum.


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