Angela B. Harris, ONE11 Resident Artist & Spiritual Counselor


Angela B. Harris

Certified Spiritual Director

Certified Reiki Master


Angela was born into a family of healers who chose to live out their vocation through the medical profession however; she was guided toward alternative healing.

Her journey included twenty years in the U.S. Navy, motherhood, service as a missionary in Brazil and caregiver for multiple family members. Clearly her journey was and is one of service. Having a strong willingness to serve, Angela has pursued opportunities to discover, develop and enhance her God given gifts.

Aside from traditional studies in business administration, she discovered Reiki, a spiritual healing technique. In 2012 she received certification as a Reiki Master. Answering the call to become a spiritual director, Angela completed a rigorous two-year course and was certified by the Spiritual Direction Institute in 2012.

Although Angela gained many tangible skills, her journey also encompassed many intangible skills, such as patience, compassion, kindness, empathy and an incredible calmness. Her quest has led her to many people, places and discoveries—life preparation to become an instrument of healing for both body and spirit.

Humbled by many graces and gifts, Angela begins this phase of her journey with an openness to receive and give.

To Contact Angela:

757-241-0087   or

ONE11 Art is located at: 111 Pennsylvania Avenue, Norfolk. VA (off of Upper Granby Street, across from the Riverview Theater).    


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